Broadview Hotel Wedding

I love city weddings. I mean, I love farm weddings, vineyard weddings, weddings at family homes too. But what I love about city weddings is trying to find cute corners / nooks where the gritty gems can be found (but often overlooked). Mel + Sam were hosted a beautiful event at Broadview Hotel but were totally excited to explore alleyways even if that meant walking by a dumpster on their wedding day.

Mel + Sam enjoyed a slow day. We started with their First Look and took some time to do photos alone before being joined by their families on the Lincoln Terrace for family portraits. Immediately after, the couple went to the clock tower on the rooftop were joined by their best friends for some down time and bubbly. Although they had chosen to forego the typical bridal party, they still wanted to spend time with their people before the larger group arrived for their ceremony.

Once the ceremony started, it was full on party mode. Ceremony into Cocktail Hour, into their dinner reception. It really was a day not just about each other but a day about family + friendship love, connection and celebrating the people who make their life full.

Iris from Blue Lavender Events planned and designed this gorgeous day while Jordana of White Oak Flower Co beautified the space with the floral design. The Broadview Hotel is such a beautifully designed space - lots of spaces to explore and for guests to stay late into the night!

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