Last week, I was scrolling the Instagram late into the evening as part of my nightly ritual and I noticed that I had been tagged in a photo.  I wasn’t sure of its source so I followed it to NARCITY‘s feed and realize that they had included me in a very talented list of wedding photographers in Toronto – the article was called, “18 Talented Toronto Wedding Photographers Who Will Magically Capture Your Special Day”.

christine lim photography toronto narcity wedding photographer

I was named alongside Corina V, Heidi Lau and Laura Rowe to name a few.  I have only met 1 out of these 3 ladies but their talent is definitely something to aspire to!

Anyway, go check out the list!  So grateful for such a kind and flattering shout out from NARCITY.  Work hard doing what I love is always enough for me – but getting a little extra attention does feel pretty good too.

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