a while ago, i started blogging a 3 part story from Gurjeet + Jamie’s wedding . . .
i totally failed and fell off the blogging wagon but i’m back and ready to share the rest of their beautiful wedding.

watching two households join together has never been more beautiful and emotional in my entire life.
there are so many aspects to a Sikh ceremony that carry much tradition (and tears!!).

for me, one of the most breathtaking moments for me was when everything was said and done Gurjeet prepared to leave her family home to join Jamie’s.  this ceremonial like event is full of long embraces and many many tears.  although Gurjeet will obviously still see her family in the days and years to come, this traditional hails from long ago when families lived so far from one another and travel between the cities were nearly impossible and not common. . .  in those days, leaving your family really meant that you were leaving your family.  although today’s world is a bit different, as a mom of two, there is still something to be said about a mom and dad letting go that i can completely understand.

so here you are, some of my favourites from Gurjeet + Jamie’s wedding ceremony day.

punjabi bride getting dressed mother and sister place veil indian bride jewelery details indian bride details father greet one another mothers greet one another bride is escorted by brothers bride enters the ceremony tent bride and groom listen to guru groom leads bride around guru brother helps bride walk around the scriptures bridesmaid jewelery details bride and groom pray the groom's sword the scriptures mother of the bride congratulates couple groom comes to bring bride home bride hugs mother in farewell bride exits family home

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